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1999 Community Service Fred H. Lau, Chief of Police of San Francisco  
1999 Role Model Iris Chang, Critically Acclaimed Author  
2000 Community Service Mabel Teng, San Francisco Board of Supervisors  
2000 Role Model Iris Chan, Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo Bank  
2001 Community Service Joan Chen, Acclaimed Actor and Film Director  
2001 Role Model Walter Wong, Business Leader  
2002 Community Service Lucinda Katz, Founder of CCCC  
2002 Role Model Heather Fong, Deputy Chief of Field Operations  
2003 Community Service Michael M. Honda, Congressman  
2003 Role Model Lillian K. Sing, Judge of San Francisco Superior Court  
2004 Community Service Justin Ming W. Chin,  
2004 Role Model Vic Lee, News Reporter  
2005 Community Service Mark J. Barrenechea, Executive VP, Computer Associates  
2005 Role Model Larry Yu, Enterprise President, Schwab Global Services  
2006 Community Service Reverend Norman Fong, Program Director, Chinatown Community Development Center  
2006 Role Model Jerry Lee, District Community Affairs Manager, United Parcel Service  
2007 Community Service RKim M. Cano, Assistant Vice President, State Street Corporation  
2007 Role Model Edwin M. Lee, City Administrator, City and County of San Francisco  
2008 Community Service Manuel A. Mollinedo, Executive Director, San Francisco Zoo  
2008 Role Model Andrew Ly, President and CEO, Sugar Bowl Bakery  
2009 Community Service Norman Yee, Commissioner, San Francisco Board of Education  
2009 Role Model Steve Chen, Co-founder, YouTube  
2010 Community Service Mimi Kwan, Director of Public Affairs, ABC 7  
2010 Role Model David Chiu, President, Board of Supervisors, San Francisco  
2011 Community Service Rodney Fong, Commissioner, San Francisco Planning Department  
2011 Role Model Dale Minami, Partner, Minami Tamaki, LLP  
2012 Role Model Jan Yanehiro, Emmy-winning American broadcast journalist  
2012 Community Service Larry Chang, President of Ascend North California Chapter  
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